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Bowling tips to consider - Guidelines by coach Dr Douglas Coghlan

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 14:27

Guidelines by coach Dr Douglas Coghlan

Step Points! Three R’s: Relax, Rhythm, Routine. CBS: Control, Breathe, Smile. Visualize your shot!

  1. Step with dominant (anchor) foot onto mat.
  2. Two feet together, facing direction of aim.
  3. Bend knees slightly.
  4. Non-dominant hand resting slightly on non-dominant knee.
  5. Hold bowl on line of aim with middle finger on centre of running surface and bowling arm parallel to ground – eyes on point of aim.
  6. Keep eyes on point of aim while bending down, swing bowl slowly back next to body just past anchor leg, slow step forward with opposite leg when bowl has passed knee.
  7. With delivery arm swinging in direction of point of aim, deliver bowl onto grass a few centimetres in front of front foot. Weight determined by speed of back & forward swing of arm.
  8. Hold stance and follow through with delivery arm, pointing hand at target until bowl is halfway to target.
  9. Step forward from the mat when bowl has stopped, turning towards the left. 

Tips from: Play Bowls with Simon Botha, Roy Haupt, Graham McKenzie & Margo Watson – Feb 2000

Slow backswing.

Slow forward step of not more than normal length.

Weight control is gained only from speed of forward swing.

Look only at the point of aim.

Maintain follow through to avoid rising too quickly, as this could result in release of the bowl above the surface causing bounce and consequent loss of momentum (weight).

If ever anything goes wrong with delivery, slow everything down i.e. both backswing and forward step.

Good balance can be achieved by staying down.

Keep the back knee bent. This will prevent overstepping with consequent forward overbalancing.

Hold bowl away from the front of the body.

Anchor foot must be parallel to chosen line of delivery.

Even if the position of the feet is correct and player mastered the stance, holding the bowling arm in front of the body rather than over the line of delivery, makes it impossible to obtain a straight back swing. The arm being blocked by the body result in an outer to inner swing of delivery arm causing the bowl to be delivered inside the line of delivery. Make sure the delivery arm is clear of the body over the delivery line and lined up with the feet. This will allow the delivery arm to swing back-and forwards along the correct line.

The backhand is an easier shot where the arm tends to swing across the body when swinging back, eliminating the steering action needed to get the arm around the body on the forehand.

Do not put weight from hand on knee – only rest hand on knee.

Move up and down freely with the weight on the heels.

Reasons for losing balance on delivery:

  1. Not playing in straight line having to twist body to find right delivery.
  2. Feet not parallel to delivery line.
  3. Not bending back knee causing body weight to go over top of centre balance.
  4. Taking too big a step, thus stretching too far forward.

Reasons for wobble:

  1. Middle finger not in centre of bowl’s running surface.
  2. Pinkie guidance.
  3. Twist of wrist.

Reasons for bounce on delivery

  1. Released too soon or too late
  2. If forward step too quick, bowling arm tries to catch up with foot. Slow forward step!

Weight only to be controlled by speed of pendulum of bowling arm.

Never step forward too soon – before delivery.

Standing up on delivery causes a pull back on the follow through and results in short deliveries.