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Bowls Matches during the year

Monday, 10 December 2018 12:49

Matches in which the club participates annually can be divided into five categories, namely internal club championships, leagues and matches against Western Province clubs, Hottentotsholland or The Basin “competitions, friendly gatherings between fundraiser clubs and tabs-in social matches.

  1. Internal club championships

This takes place between October and May every year and is played locally among the club members. Club championships include all competitions from single games , pairs, trips and fours for men and women, as well as teams in which both men and women play. The highlights of these matches are undoubtedly the men and women singles games. There is also a category for beginners, namely the Novices section.

  1. Western Province leagues

This takes place annually from mid January to end of March. The league matches are played both locally and away. The club participates in four categories: -

  • Men's Premier League (Flag) - By promotion a few clubs in the Western Province compete in this league. The Stellenbosch Van der Stel Bowls Club is extremely proud to have the talented players to play in this strongest league of the province. As a result, every year, a number of players from the club are selected to represent the province at national level.
  • Men and women lower leagues (Flag and Muter respectively) - are still very strong leagues to compete in and the club performs very well in these leagues every year. These are the leagues where the majority of the club players play in and there is a lot of rivalry between the members.
  • The Sully league is played by four ladies teams of four each during October.
  • The Novice knockout competition is played between the respective clubs' beginners, men and women separately, and every year a Novice champion is crowned.
  1. The Hottentotsholland league

It is known as "The Basin" league played between teams from Stellenbosch, Helderberg, Somerset West, Gordon's Bay, Strand, and Helderberg Village. These games are still very competitive but are played in a more relaxed atmosphere. There are several competitions such as the Men Pensioners who play on Wednesdays and the Provan in which men and women compete on Saturdays on the same days as the flag and Muter competitions..

  1. Club fund raising matches

The club offers two or three all-day competitions at different times of the year for raising funds by inviting players to compete from other clubs. Similarly, the club also receives a large number of invitations throughout the year to compete at other clubs across the province where prizes are on offer to the winners. These competitions take many different forms in terms of team sizes, combinations of men and women and number of ends.

  1. Tabs in

Weekly social events are also played in a more relaxed atmosphere throughout the year on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday afternoon’s tabs are drawn into teams. After the afternoon games, a few drinks are enjoyed together, accompanied by a great deal of socialising.